Some useful tools to improve Doctrine ORM experience.

New class: BaseEntityRepository

New methods

  • $indexBy : The methods findAllRoot, findAllArray, findBy, and findAll accept a last argument allowing to index the returned array with the value from one of the entity properties (by default, primary key, if set to true)
  • findAllRoot : Retrieves only “root” objects, without any join of associated entities. Note: Cancels the effects of fetch="EAGER" on the entity.
  • findAllArray : Executes findAllRoot but returns the result as PHP array.
  • sortCollection : Use to index an array of entities based on one of its properties, mostly a unique index. Default is set to the primary key.
  • getIds : Returns all “id” values from the database in an array.

New class: AbstractFixture

To be used with doctrine/data-fixtures and/or doctrine/doctrine-fixtures-bundle.

You can now add your fixtures directly in a PHP array, like from a PhpMyAdmin export for example. It is also possible to specify the fixtures priority, and a potential prefix to be used to create references of each fixture reusable in other fixtures classe. The prefix will be appended by the “id” if specified, or the string representation of the entity if not. Bonus: If you specify an “id”, it will be inserted as-is.

use Orbitale\Component\DoctrineTools\AbstractFixture;

class PostFixtures extends AbstractFixture
   public function getEntityClass() {
       return 'AppBundle\Entity\Post';

   public function getObjects() {
       return [
           ['id' => 1, 'title' => 'First post', 'description' => 'Lorem ipsum'],
           ['id' => 2, 'title' => 'Second post', 'description' => 'muspi meroL'],

   public function getOrder() {
       return 1;

   protected function getReferencePrefix() {
       return 'posts-';

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