Between the coldest moment of the last Ice Age (which humans lived through, as a reminder) and the “end” of that Ice Age, nearly 11,000 years passed, and the global change over the whole period was around +4°C.

There was therefore a 4°C difference between the “ice age” and the “temperate era”.
And that took 11,000 years, an average of 0.036°C every 100 years (note the number of zeros).

The last “low” temperatures on Earth occurred around 400 years ago, lasted a century, and was around -0.05°C (note the number of zeros again), compared with its normal temperature.

Since 1900, in 120 years we’ve already increased the Earth’s global average by almost +1.5°C, just with the impact created by Humans. 120 years. That’s an average of +1.25°C per 100 years, which is almost 35 times faster than the last real global warming (the last Ice Age).

Humans have therefore warmed the Earth 35 times faster than the Earth would have warmed itself.

And then people say “Yes, but it’s already happened”. I tell them “Yes, but not as violently”.

(Source:, which is based on these studies: Shakun Et Al. 2012, Marcott et Al. 2013, Annan and Hargreaves (2013), HadCRUT4, and IPCC)